Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bend info Condolenca

Started as a project of the members of the grindcore band Emetica back in 2001, Condolence tried to experince the possibility of combining noise, grindcore and some dark melodies. The emphasis was placed on unique noisy sound, providing a different atmosphere and production for each song. Of course, this noise is far from any production, but the attempt was to avoid too much similarity between the songs. The lyrics create a very somber mood contemplating on the themes of death experiences. Demo "Myself Flung Down the Precipice of Being" was recorded between 2001. and 2002. and then the band completely stopped creating noise. The music found its way through to some individuals by some obscure channels. Yet, Condolence will continue to terrorize the music scene by some new melodies, which are about to appear in the future. As for the influences, there weren't any at the time, except for some grindcore bands. These days I could try to describe Condolence as a band which might resemble to such acts as Gore Beyond Necropsy, Sopor Aeternus, and John Zorn, though very far from quallity of these bands in any way. An iterview with Condolence can be found in Helly Cherry webzin, number 54 February 2007. (Interview was done in Serbian) CONDOLENCE/ GIHT SHASIE/ POPE ON ACID/ GRUUTHAAGY "4 Tickets To Balkanian Torture Camp" Split PRO CD finally out 2 Serbian and 2 Croatian noise/grind/experimental bands. 35 songs + 47 songs bonus unreleased material. This means total of 82 songs! This is a small series professionally done release which will soon be out of stock. If you want a copy of the most essential grinders from Serbia/Croatia contact Igor from GIHT SHASIE at: for trade or sale.

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