Friday, January 25, 2008

The Ass-Soul Of Psycho-Path - Release Date 03.03.2008

[Moonlee News - 25.01.2008]

That's right, the release date of Psycho-Path's brand new album titled The Ass-Soul Of Psycho-Path is slowly approaching. Their 5th full length effort will see the light of a day on March 3rd, 2008 . For almost four years now people have been waiting for new Psycho-Path's album and we're more than excited and stoked to have everything in works now. You'll be nicely surprised when you see the artwork, which will include a 16 sheet booklet and will be packed in a digipack. Oh and last but not least there is one song available for download that will be featured on The Ass-Soul Of Psycho-Path - it's called War . Enjoy!

'War' mp3 | 320kbps | 9,82 MB


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hello, this is Sharan of Deadites Records!!!
I think we took enough time to compile Anti-Nazi Net Compilation! To all the bands and artists that applied for this project, thank you! I am very glad you decided to join this little project which will show the world that we differ right from wrong! To all the bands that were interested in sending their material, DEADLINE IS 20th OF JANUARY 2008! I will not add any more material send to me after this date! Please, if you didn't send your material, do that! Send your band name, lyrics in English (translate lyrics if necessary!), contact info and song in mp3 format, min 192 kpbs!
Thank you,

Sunday, January 13, 2008


New, 27th release of Minimalna izdanja. Debut album for OneFellPrey. You can download two songs from here:


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fatnom Fest

ZERO ISSUE of FANTOM FEST is happening in Pancevo and Beograd, 15-22nd january, featuring: Pakito Bolino, Ludovic Levasseur, Alberto Corradi, ALeksandar Zograf, Franco Sacchetti,Radovan Nastic, Zeljko Obrenovic, Danilo Milosev - Wostok, Matei Branea, Andy Sinboy, Very Talented Osarina From Timisoara, Larisa Ackov, Ivan Velisavljevic, Goran Dacev, Marc Schneider, Trap for the pioneers, KRSH, Dj CH, and many more...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New free for download release

Merde Sur La Mer have released another free online album, which is good because their first album seems to have disappeared. This time they added a bit of punk attitude to the avant garde chaos. Liver, Skin, Le Zuaro is a full frontal assault from the first track to the last. It is close to 20 minutes of noise, shouts, animals sounds and a little music here and there. I loved it. This is the type of musical madness that gets your attention, slaps you around for a while then gives you a kiss. My favorite track is "Grease Dance Vibrations" a sort of rhumba from hell. Merde Sur La Mer slows down only for the last track which reminds me of a eerie carnival ride. The entire album is a joyful ride through The Twilight Zone. The album is available in either MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format.

"MERDE SUR LA MER - Liver, skin, le zuaro
Hm, interesantan bend/projekat. Neki noizicni zvuk sa dosta semplova ali i klasicnim gitarom i bubnjevima. Nisma siguran ali kao da je nesto live snimljeno a neki zvuci dodati kasnije u produkciji. Gitara i bubanj podsecaju malo na Crni lilihip, Disciplinu, Sarla.. Ili sve ukupno, zbog svoje neuroticnosti na spori Naked city. Odlicno! " hellycherry webzine

What A Wonderful Shit! Compilation Out Now!

Another downloadable Noise/Experimental/Ambient Net Compilation on RONF
Featuring: Zort / Gas Satori / Torturing Nurse / Aberracion / Andres Y Ralf / Electronoise / Acid Noise / AATMA / Third I / Oneiric Imperium / Enviromental Testing Device / Art Unit / Animal Machine / Rice Cracker / Trastornos Del Desarrollo for your enjoyment and pleasure!

What A Wonderful Shit Compilation! Out Now!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


ukoliko ste medij ili smatrate da bi ovo nekoga zanimalo, molimo vas da ovu vest objavite ili prosledite dalje.


HELLYCHERRYwebzine #63

Deda Mraz se otreznio posle novogodisnjeg banchenja. I skapirao da je zaboravio da vam donese poklon. A bili ste dobri preko cele godine, prali zube i slicno. Pazljivo je slusao vase zelje pa je resio da vas obraduje onim sto ste najvise zeleli da dobjete – NOVI HC broj. I ne samo to. Deda je sve to smestio u novo okruzenje... Pa pokupite novu dozu /63. po redu/ andergraund lektire na



Za Novu Godinu vas Zvukovina i Third I zele obradovati besplatnim cdr izdanjem. U pitanju je 3way split „Ko ne plati na mostu platice na Cupriji". Split cuprijskih projekata Third I, Endless Conflict, Oil. Klica ili Loshe Seme curpijskog andergraunda. CDR je dostupan na



ce vas uskoro obradovati novim kratkim filmom...

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ch.Egoism on 5 way split CD OUT!!!

5 way split / RNF013
Full length experimental music CDr
Limited edition / 99 copies

SIN SENAL /ekvador/




EGO DEATH /grcka/

PMK Distro