Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Band info Trap for pioneers

Trap for Pioneers (also known as Klopka za pionira) started out in 2003 as a noise-rock-electro-industrial band, or something like that. Electric and bass guitar, subtle noise of broken machines, expressionistic voice and lots of improvisation, and when they play live, it's pure ambient noise + terrorism overloaded!
Fans say: "I had a feeling that this space and these people are only a resonator that Trap is using to send it's message further, to all the worlds that touch the minds of people in the audience."
They say: "We try to play pop, but I don't know... Can you help us tune our instruments?"
They have 9 releases for Serbian underground music label Ne-ton.
Members of Trap also run a web zine Pionirov glasnik (, publishing comics, music, electronic books, and articles about religion, ideology, science, theater and literature. It is popular among good strange people of Southeast European art underground.
Band's international web site:

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