Wednesday, December 19, 2007


New-school LA thrashers Bonded By Blood are set to record their debut Earache release 'Feed The Beast' with US producer Michael Rosen. Rosen, who has worked with the likes of Testament, Violence, Sadus, Joe Satriani and Death Angel will begin working with the band in the New Year.

Bonded By Blood vocalist Aladdin has spoken out about how he feels about working with the well known producer:

"It feels freaking awesome. He has produced and engineered some of my favorite bands Testament Vio-lence Sadus and now BBB. Its like a dream come true. 'Feed The Beast' is sure to be one kick ass album".

Bonded By Blood will commence recording 'Feed The Beast' on January 11th 2008 at J Street Recorders (Tesla) in Sacramento, CA . The full track-listing will be as follows:

01. Immortal Life
02. Feed The Beast
03. The Evil Within
04. Another Disease
05. Unusual Punishment
06. Vengeance
07. To A Sickening Degree.
08. Strike Of Fear
09. Sounds Of Torture
10. Necropsy
11. Self-Immolation
*Bonus Track: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Theme Song

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

AMON TOBIN - Kitchen Sink Remix EP : Available Digitally now!!!

Ninja Tune has released a 4-song remix ep of Amon Tobin's song titled Kitchen Sink from his latest album, Foley Room. The release features remixes from Clark, Noisia, Boxcutter and Sixtoo and available now through itunes

"Foley Room," as you may remember, was built solely using found sounds recorded by Tobin and a team of technicians. These sounds were then monkeyed about with to create the kind of audio rush that Tobin is rightly renowned for. The title of "Kitchen Sink" hopefully gives you some clue as to the origins of the noises involved, but now these sources have been farmed out to an intrepid and international band of remixers.

Warp's Clark kicks things off with a mix that can only be described as akin to watching a ballerina rise up out of a music box carrying a chainsaw. Dreamy, childlike, oddly funky and scary. Boxcutter (known to his mum as Barry Lynn) ups the intensity a notch further with a seething, intricately-detailed dub-stepper on which he drops a backward guitar solo during the breakdown. Canadian MC/producer and Ninja-mate Sixtoo gives the original a lacerating acid drive and hypnotic groove. Finishing off in a fourth country, Holland's avant gardists Noisia deconstruct the d&b blueprint, leaving gaps in their rollouts and a fairytale atmosphere benaeth pounding drums.

So there you go. England, Northern Ireland, Canada and Holland. Artists working at the edges of techno, hip hop, drum & bass and dubstep. Everything but the kitchen sink. Plus the "Kitchen Sink". Spooky.

Songs posted now!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Interview with Nest

Greetings Tolonen. How are you these days?
Greetings, mon. I'm quite good, but very busy – as always. I always tend to hoard so many projects that I keep struggling to do them all at the same time.

What’s up with the Nest at the moment?

The Skepticism tribute album with the Nest cover of 'The Gallant Crow' has just been released. All the participating bands did a good job with some really interesting versions of Skepticism's songs, and it was an honor covering Skepticism who are one of my all-time favorite bands. Otherwise, at the moment I'm composing new songs and just going forward at a relaxed pace. This is the part of making music I enjoy the most so I'm doing it with the sole intention of having fun. I can't really tell much else at the moment, because I'm still in such an early stage.

7 months passed since the “Trail of the Unwary” was released. What was the reaction of the media and press been so far?

As usual, the response varies from good to not interesting, but I'd imagine that happens with just about any band. Those that liked the old material generally liked the new one too, even though they are quite different, and many of those thought the new one was better than ever. Some people have even said to me that the new album is some of the most solemn pieces of music they've ever heard, and I'm naturally very taken by such comments.

How would you describe the sound of new Nest album for someone who didn’t heard it yet?
I'd probably describe it like I've always done with our music. It's a mixture of acoustic and ambient elements, but the ambience and slowly mutating atmospheres are even more dominant on this album than before. I'd naturally mention that we use the kantele, a traditional Finnish string instrument, and throw in some metal seasonings in a couple of songs. Actually, this album contains the most metal Nest song to date, Hunt. We also have more varied vocals and synth work this time around, and a couple of surprises that I don't have the heart to reveal before you actually listen to the album.

What was your inspiration for this album, and how you started to create “Trail of the Unwary”?
I'm very much inspired by nature, animal life, and the like, but I like to handle these themes slightly differently than the normal romanticizing and whatnot. I wanted to capture the essence of, for example, the hunt for what it really means to those who depend on it for survival. Sort of, how a wolf would explain it if it could explain it in the language and terms humans understand.

I started composing stuff like I always do – just for fun. I didn't have any rules or guidelines where I forced the music to go, and on this new album I deliberately wanted to avoid any rules, and just do what I felt like, now matter what the result would be. For example, I didn't want to limit the song lengths to about 4-5 minutes, like I did with most of Nest's previous songs. Still, the composing process was similar to the early stuff. I just took the kantele, started playing it, and wrote down all stuff I liked. After that it was the usual arranging of synths, drums, etc. on top of the kantele stuff. The vocals and most of the lyrics always come into the picture last. I make them to serve the songs, not the other way around. After everything was complete, or at least nearly complete, I started making the visuals to reflect the themes of the music. Everything, the music, the texts, the visuals, etc. has always been closely connected in Nest, and this didn't change now either.

On album can be heard some whispering vocals and narrations. Who was responsible for this and can you tell something about the lyrics?
This time we had 5 different vocalists contributing their talent. Why so many, even though we have so few vocals/lyrics in general? We approach the subject of vocals from a voice acting standpoint. There are many roles, or speakers if you will, in the stories and they need to have as unique voices as possible. Naturally, having many people performing their own parts yields a much richer outcome than one single vocalist trying to do them all. I handle whispering and the low storyteller voice in most songs and growl on Hunt, T.S. uses his natural voice and does some whispers in most songs too, P.A. does some strong commanding lines with his natural voice on Kontio, J.H. Sings on Kontio and snarls/shrieks on Hunt and Claw and Fang, and last but definitely not least L-A.H. Does spoken word in her charming voice on Across the Waters. I think it all worked out great, even better than I had hoped. I must also mention that all of the guys (and gal) are good friends of mine, and it was very enjoyably for me to work with friends, especially ones who have so much talent.

How and where you did a recording part? Also, I would like to ask which programs (and how) for recording you used?
I do all recording at home, except for the vocals of the people living in the U.S., who naturally recorded their stuff where they wanted. I like doing recording, mixing, mastering, etc. at home. I doesn't cost me anything and I don't have to worry about deadlines. I use Buzz for all my music making and recording needs. It's not a well-known piece of software outside the computer music people, but it's excellent for my needs. It takes very little processor time, and it let's me do just about anything I want when it comes to sounds. I also use Soundforge and CoolEdit for some sample editing stuff, but that's only a small part of my music making.

Album is truly briliant, full of beautiful sound spheres and atmospheric/ambient sound-scapes. But, is everything played by real instruments or you use samples sometimes?
Thank ye very much. I spent 2 years of my life to make it exactly like I wanted, and I feel I succeeded. Therefore I'm glad to hear you and others enjoy it too. All the kantele, bass, and lapland drum were played with real instruments, and the voices are naturally real too. The synths are done with softsynths instead of a keyboard. The softsynths I have are so versatile that I actually like using them better than keyboards. I have programmed all of their sounds myself too, so I haven't really taken any shortcuts even in the computer department. I do use samples, but that's for all the sound effects, nature and sounds, etc.

Did you played some new live gigs and do you have in plan some gigs?
Nest hasn't played any gigs in years, and we don't have any lined up either. The new material would be quite hard to play live too. To fully reproduce the album sounds we'd need 2 kantele players, 1 bassist, 2 drummers versed in the Lapland drum, 3 synth players who used computers because no keyboard contains the synth sounds I've made for the album, and all 5 vocalists. We could get passable results with only one of each, but I still only know only one person who would be interested in playing live with us – he's T.S. and he already plays with us. I don't even really like playing live. I do like letting people hear our music live, but I get little enjoyment from it personally. Nevertheless, I would like to play live in somewhat different settings, like in a campfire situation, in old places like castles, ruins, etc. But I probably don't even have to explain why organizing such a thing would be hard.

Are some of your very rare concerts possible to find on some divx/dvd bootleg?
It's possible if someone recorded either of the two gigs we did, but I haven't come across any recordings, and I doubt they exist. I doubt it would even be that interesting visually, because the limitations imposed by the kantele I have to practically sit still while playing it. Maybe I should compose simpler stuff so I could move while playing :) Nah, not gonna happen.

What about Nest merch? Does something like that exists?
Not at the moment, although I have some ideas. I'd just need to clear my busy schedule to make them happen. I'd love to make something more personal, but I won't reveal anything specific before I actually get something done. The ideas are somewhat peculiar, and I can't guarantee I can make them work well enough.

Is still possible to find new Nest album and it’s limited – double pack edition?
All my copies are gone already, but one could always browse through distros or ask Corvus Records directly. Limited to 99 copies tends to go, and go fast.

Who was responsible for Trail of the Unaware cover?

I did all the visuals once again with colored pencils. There's some color tweaking done on the computer afterwards to make everything fit together better, though. The originals are hanging on my wall at the moment. I also tweaked the logo a bit, to reflect the evolution in the music but still keeping the original base. I think it reflected both the new and the familiar quite nicely. I like doing all the visual stuff myself. Not only do I get the exact results I want, but I see the visuals as such a big part of Nest that I need to do them myself. They're as important to me as any of the songs, and I wouldn't have any third party making a song for Nest, so I wouldn't have any such party doing the visuals either.

Do you have some plans for Nest in some near future?

Nothing has been cast into stone, and little ever is when I'm composing new stuff. I just go where the tide takes me. I've been meaning to experiment more with distortion and metal elements, and I'm also eager to feature the Finnish language more. The new stuff will probably shape up to be a concoction of all the best elements of the old stuff with a good doze new seasonings thrown in. Wasn't that vague?

Thank you very much for an interview. Wish you many luck in future work!

No problem, mon. I thank ye for the support and wish all the best to ye and yer projects.

Interview done by Monarch (03.12.2007.)

Interview with Moss

Here is a one interview that I did with Moss few months ago. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Hello! Tell me first something about that new split release. How cooperation with band “Monarch” started? And why/how you choose a “Discharge’s” song to do a cover?
Olly: That split was originally with Thee Plague of Gentlemen, but they had some troubles you might have heard about, and split up. So we had to find another band to complete the split with.. We’d been friends with Monarch for a long time and they had a Turbonegro song they recorded a while back, so we'd go together on this split pretty good. We recorded a Discharge song because we like Discharge, not much more to it than that. We just took the basic notes of the riff and slowed it right down, makes perfect sense when you hear it!

Dom: Thee Plague of Gentlemen had already recorded a Uriah Heep cover, so it just made sense for us to do a cover rather than try and write something original that clocks in at less than ten minutes.

Who made the production of that cover song? Are you completely satisfied with it?

Dom: It was produced by Greg Chandler. I think he did a great job, for me its the first time I’ve bothered to layer two guitars, and as I use two independent amps anyway so there’s basically four guitars on there.

Olly: I’m happy with how it turned out, it was recorded and mixed within 3 hours so we did the best we could with it. We never spend too much time on recording, we’re normally pretty satisfied with what we’ve got in the first couple of takes.

“Rise Above Records” released this split only on vinyl. But, are there any plans to be released on CD too?

Olly: There are no plans or intentions to put the split out on cd. It's vinyl only for the maniacs. Maybe as a bonus track for a Japanese cd or something, but anyway...

What you think about vinyls and do you collect them?
Olly: I have a large collection of vinyl – it’s a very important format to the band, and releasing music really doesn’t get better than putting it out on wax. Tapes too, maybe tapes are more important than vinyl..

Dom: I do have a vinyl collection but to be honest I’m a tape freak, I just fukking love the hiss a tape creates and the dense warmth captured on them.

Also, do you plan more splits to put out in some near future?
Olly: Yeah, our next split should be a 7” with Disclose from Japan.. maybe out at the end of the year. It’s about 2 years in the making.

Two years passed since debut album “Cthonic Rites” was released. Are you satisfied with all reactions and critics, which you get ‘till now? Also, do you prefer to get good critics from the media or to please your fans with every new material?
Dom: The reaction from the critics was piss weak, I haven’t seen a bad review, just seems bizarre that something so extreme would be given such a positive write up. Feedback in general though has been great, I’ve been surprised that so many people from a non-metal background like our sound as well.

Olly: To be honest I haven’t seen too many bad words about ‘Cthonic Rites’, and it’s cool that people like it, but it doesn’t make any difference to us. You can love it or hate it, but we’d still be doing what we do. We don't aim to please.

And what about second album? Can we expect new full-length album from you soon?
Olly: Well, schedules permitting, which I really can't see being a problem although the members of the band are pretty spread out right now, there WILL be a new album recorded next year. It'll be released via Rise Above Records, and we're going to try to get Jus Oborn to produce again, depending on what he's up to.

How far do you think that you can go with Moss?
Olly: We always manage to take things further than we did with the last recording, and I say this with pretty much every interview that the next stuff will be heavier, more extreme, and I'm 100% certain it will be. It's hard to predict and look into the future with this band, but we've been going on a steady path of regression-cum-progression since our inception, and there's no reason for us to deviate from that path. We're just going to wallow in our filth for as long as we can fucking stand it

Dom: I’ve got a fukking ton of ideas I’d like to explore, but I recently moved to Canada which obviously makes rehearsals even more strained, and frankly I’d rather record the album here. We’ve got a long way to go in my opinion, growth and progression have always been key since the beginning.

Is “Moss” active when the live gigs are about? I’m very curious to know how looks something like that. What are the reactions of the fans usual; how many people you usually gather on one gig?
Olly: We usually play on average something like one gig a year.. which makes things more special for us and the shows we do bother to play. We simply wont play any gig people ask us to, as we feel it cheapens the live experience. Playing live for us is a ritual, and it has to be in the right conditions and circumstances or else we wont do it. Our gigs don't have much to look at other than three wasters playing very slowly and not moving much at all. Maybe there's some fog, we request no bright lights, and to keep the venue in near darkness. I would like to work on the visual aspect of our live shows more, more space/time fallout and occult blasphemies, but this will take time and money, something I'm currently lacking in.

Dom: Traditionally its just the other bands that night who’ll check us out, but sometimes you get some drunk who’s wondered into the wrong place. When we supported SunnO)) and the festivals we played in Europe we had decent turnouts, obviously.

Which are your favorite bands and what are your influences?

Dom: For Moss we are mostly influenced by horror, the occult, depression and misanthropy. We all have different tastes and not all of them are metal orientated. For me I wanted to get as far away from traditional song structure as I could, eliminate the verse chorus method and see what else I could do. The speed was a direct result of the sound I create, as playing fast with this set up just results in a boring din, but to slow it down created this warm distortion that would wash over me. I didn’t realise it at the time, but really I was creating atmosphere rather than song structures, and I let that dictate what was happening. To randomly name a few bands I’ve listened to a lot and still have a connection with I’d have to say Neurosis, The Gathering, Leonard Cohen and Carpathian Forest. I could go on for hours with that question ‘cause there’s just so many good bands around.

Olly: I like Roky Erickson, Saint Vitus, Discharge, Black Sabbath, a lot of crust punk/metal and true doom bands. None of these influence me in Moss though, but they inspire more. I read a lot of strange, strange books that I'd say have an influence, more of a grip if anything..

Your opinion and comment on classic music?
Dom: I was brought up in a family that appreciated classical music, St. Mathews passion (BWV 144) by Bach is a fantastic piece of music. I don’t listen to classical music extensively or anything, but its definitely an area I’m more drawn to then say hip hop and pop.

Do you like Jack Black’s “Tenacious D” and “Jesu”?
Olly: I am still a big Godflesh fan, and Jesu has always been to me a weak, watered down emo version of Godflesh. I'm not into them, and that whole Hydra Head Records/Isis scene they pointlessly tie themselves to makes me fuckin sick, hate it. Put on Neurosis instead.

Dom: Jack Black is in Jesu?

What is meaning of life for you?
Olly: To do your thing and get it done in the time you're given. If that means being the most selfish person you can be to achieve that, then by all means. Cliched "doom" answer would be to say that "life is meaningless", fuck that. I like living and I'm going to stick around for as long as possible.

Dom: I like to think that its something along the lines of helping your fellow man/woman, maybe its just an excuse for our spirits to come down and get fukked up in physical form for a change, I have no idea at this point in time.

What guy from Moss would you eat and why??
Dom: It would have to be myself, I have no idea what’s wrong with the other two and don’t particularly want food poisoning.

Olly: I don't think Dom eats well enough to taste particulary nice. Chris should be ok if slightly overcooked.

If a ghost from genie lamp appeared in front of you, and asks you to make three wishes, what would those wishes be?
Dom: That’s such a funny question, errm. I’d wish for people to have the courage of their convictions, for eternal wealth, and probably stop aging for a few years too.

Olly: I'd like to own an ancient library. Some kind of super power would be nice. And a harem of fine latin bitches. Or maybe I'd just ask for more wishes.

Thank you for an interview. Any last words?

Olly: Cheers!

Dom: Cheers for the interview, and watch out for the vinyl version of Cthonic Rites, coming this summer on Aurora Borealis. It'll be special.


Interview by Monarh (04.06.2007.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kinovia - Knjiga Pelinova

The album is finally finished and it will be released on 17.12. 2007 under united labels of Cynfeirdd and Cold Trinity.
1. Nema me / Gone
2. Znamenia / Omens
3. Otkrivenije Arhangelovo / Revelation of Archangel
4. Jatagan / Saber
5. Dorotea / Dorothea
6. Neimenia
7. Entefremdung : Kafka i Satovi Apokalipse / Entfremdung : Kafka and the Clocks of the Apocalypse
8. Basilico
9. Lelej
10. Vaskliknite Bogovi

Skepticism tribute released

The tribute album to Skepticism with the Nest cover of "The Gallant Crow" is released!
You can get it from various distributions like Foreshadow or Firebox. More info: Entering The Levitation: a tribute to Skepticism.

News from Aarni

Aarni thinks we have finally finished mixing Tohcoth and so the album has been sent to Tuomas McElä (of Jääportit fame) for mastering. Also A.Tolonen (the famous weresquirrel gnawing the kantele in Nest) currently busies himself applying crowning touches to the album booklet and covers. The long overdue release will most likely happen in January 2008 ev, unless the two gentlemen mentioned above somehow become unduly motivated and complete their work earlier.
Having stressed ourselves out needlessly over the last three years it has taken to make Tohcoth, we naturally cannot take a healthy break even Aarni has just rereremastered the combined Demo 2001 & 2002 cdr. Now it has more clarity, presence, bottom end and blah blah.
You can also hear all the bonny bad mixwork, groovy glitches, amazing audio artifacts and climatic clipping much better. The third time saith sooth, so we swear we won't touch those timeless tracks ever again. Let the dead bury the dead...if you already have a version of the Double Demo, you probably have no need of this final remaster. But if you don't have it, get yours for 6 € (including postage and shit). Cheap at twice the price.
In other neurotic news, making of the next album has already begun. More "eccentric", HC, counterculture and UG again(?) perhaps.
I will also be contributing my gleeful guest vocals to a New Worlder music project in the very near future, as well as partaking in the ongoing recordings of the scatomadness that sensitives call Umbra Nihil.
Yea...if some of you should feel interested, we still have a number of the Skepticism Tribute 2CD copies left. Pay us 10 € for yours (including shipping planetwide) so we can go get some candy and shit.
There's also an Aarni discussion forum in the planning, where retards can share their problems and mediumistic messages & instructions from dead uncles.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

HEOROT - Ragnarök

Stygian Crypt productions proudly presents debut album of Finnish band HEOROT - Ragnarök. The band plays folk viking metal with authentic instruments. Lyrics are in Finnish and about acts and characters of Scandinavian mythology. This album was recorded at Auringon Hauta studio, mixing and mastering was made by Tonmi Lillman (Ajattara, Vanguard, To/Die/For, Sinergy). This album is dedicated to memory of founder of the band Teemu "Modsognir" Ollikainen (R.I.P.).

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ispred Dragstora sound system

Organisation ADDLIMB

Organization addlimb ( was conceived by a small group of people based in Belgrade, Serbia, with a shared interest in experimental music, and particularly, contemporary improvisation. It is intended to, amidst the global atmosphere of rejection and suppression of what we believe to be democratic and genuinely critical qualities of this music, try and open the door towards its theoretical grasping, extending the scope of its practice, and its promotion, primarily on the local scale. We plan to try and bring a closer understanding and a sense of familiarity with this music through interviews with musicians, various articles concerning its history and nature, open discussions, promotion of local events, and practical workshops.