Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Band info Karmakumulator

Karmakumulator is audio design project since 2001. After few years of experimenting with pedals and recordings [PBK Theatre 1998-2000] at late 2000. first materials were recorded. First concert was played in club Mocvara, Zagreb 17.1.2001. together with Hermit [Canada], Noisegate [USA] and G.Las [Germany]. During that time material for split tape with ecuadorian Industria Masoquista for ecuadorian label Bizarre Audio Arts was recorded and sent to label. This was most primitive experimental/noise with only 1 or 2 layers of sounds/loops. Album was released in limited edition year later. Also, 2 other releases guy from Armenia/Bizzare Audio Arts label made during same time: split tape/cdr Karmakumulator/Armenia and Laboratorio-"s/t" cdr collaboration between Napalmed [Czech Rep], 2 SCD [Ecuador], Industria Masoquista [Ecuador], and Karmakumulator. After few months, Karmakumulator played concert in Ljubljana/Slovenia, at first noise festival in club Gromki 13.4.2001. Also, on this show Andrew from Praying For Oblivion was on stage with us. this was experimental/harshnoise with ambient elements, with recognizable diy synth making noise on top of everything, very much used during that period. First 2 concerts were released on tape/cdr with Antenna 59 [Italy], Hermit [Canada] and Praying For Oblivion [USA] for my own label from that time - Carpe Diem! Records [catalog no. 10]. Later that year, I have recorded material for 4 way split cdr with Aldebaran from my hometown, Phroq from Switzerland, and Mourmansk 150 from France. It was 17 minutes track entitled "Loop Abyss" which was beginning of structure I wanted to have for Karmakumulator songs-tons of layers of cut-up noise on top of each other, with lots of ambient and randomness included. In march 2002. I went to Belgrade for a month visit and there I have collaborated with my friends from project Pamba. We have recorded 3 hours of raw session materials and named it Zen Fog. It was more experimental/drone/improvisation and it was never released, but I used some of sounds from here on material I compiled at the end of 2003. for split 7" with american Tote Stadt-ex & now again called Praying For Oblivion [unfortunately never released on vinyl but that song is appearing on 2 different cdr releases]. Next was second concert in Ljubljana which was a month later, and it turned into disaster cause Pamba couldn't come to play set with us, due to their problems with slovenian visas, so we improvised alone, but since we didn't have any chance to rehearse anything before we went on stage, it was all one big mess. But since it was noise festival, the audience didn't notice it was disaster :)) Both split albums with Dada Jihad [released on Ego Boo Bits from Zagreb/Croatia] and Razorblade Jr. [Netherlands] [released on my own label from that time - Carpe Diem! Records] were finished during 2002. In summer of 2002. Prokletstvo Klare Pojanovic was new project by me and Ivan that also helped alot with early Karmakumulator live [played in Ljubljana/Slovenia both times]. We have recorded few hours of improvisations, and part of it I have putted on my first solo album in september 2003. In march 2003. I have played first gig in Split [more proper to be called dj set], and in may one gig in Novi Sad/Serbia on Interzone Festival as Dada Jihad. On both performances we presented material from split cdr. At the end of 2003. I have compiled first solo album by Karmakumulator, entitled "Please don't let me see these images again". It was released in Ecuador by Rape Art Prods in 2004. in edition of 50 copies. At the end of 2003. together with Death Disco I have remixed No Name No Fame from my hometown and it was released on his remix album in 2004. for Ego Boo Bits from Zagreb/Croatia. We collaborated live in May 2004. in Kocka/Croatia on Carpe Diem! Records festival. Other bands were Tena Novak [Zagreb]and Gruuthaagy [Pozega]. In the summer of 2004. Karmakumulator played one gig with new material in Cakovec/Croatia on Festival of youth culture with guitarist of croatian noise rock band [Mandelbrot Set]. It was pretty bizarre and experimental improvisation but it worked out very well... In 2005./2006. Karmakumulator recorded few sessions for new track on 3" cdr for american Fecal Matter Discorporated compilation/split featuring Gruuthaagy from Pozega/Croatia, Crvi and Giht Shasie from Split/Croatia. In september of 2006. I have started to record and mix new materials [2 new songs] as meant to be released on split with Insane Asylum from Poland/UK on his label Industrial Culture Records. Those came out in June 2007. Also, as 3 person lineup Karmakumulator played show in Split/Croatia/Europe on international festival of noise together with Eric Boros (Canada) and Cities In Desolation (Greece) at 11.4.2007. During august 2007. I finished new song "40 gr of inner peace" and it was released in October on split tape with another noise experimental project from my hometown (on Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz – my recent label, and Circumanalis Records – label by guy from Powerset Axiom). In september 2007. Another 2 new songs - "Xi vosare ano nera" (for online tribute compilation to italian industrial/noise musician Marco Corbelli/Atrax Morgue, RIP) and "Yellow Trash Bazooka" (for tribute compilation to japanoise legends Gerogerigegege on Andtheyfell Recordings USA) were recorded. Also, in the summer of 2007. audio document from concert in Cakovec 2004. was released on Croatian web label Gentlejunk Co. Next live action was live collaboration with Powerset Axiom in Labin/Istria 20.10.2007. on EEII Fest 2007. that actually went very well. Among many croatian experimental/noise/electro acts we have played nearly 60 minutes of live set entitled "Kruno" (as a tribute to guy from croatian Gentlejunk for being so kind to call us to play there), from harsh noise to experimental ambient. We will probably release it on cd re-release of our split someday. At the moment Karmakumulator is recording new materials and making few mail collaborations but main focus is extreme compilation dedicated to Nirvana, for which song "Milk It" will be recorded soon. Live actions, collaborations, re-releases and new releases are always possibility. Feel free to get in touch if you find this interesting.

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