Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News from Aarni

Aarni thinks we have finally finished mixing Tohcoth and so the album has been sent to Tuomas McElä (of Jääportit fame) for mastering. Also A.Tolonen (the famous weresquirrel gnawing the kantele in Nest) currently busies himself applying crowning touches to the album booklet and covers. The long overdue release will most likely happen in January 2008 ev, unless the two gentlemen mentioned above somehow become unduly motivated and complete their work earlier.
Having stressed ourselves out needlessly over the last three years it has taken to make Tohcoth, we naturally cannot take a healthy break even now...so Aarni has just rereremastered the combined Demo 2001 & 2002 cdr. Now it has more clarity, presence, bottom end and blah blah.
You can also hear all the bonny bad mixwork, groovy glitches, amazing audio artifacts and climatic clipping much better. The third time saith sooth, so we swear we won't touch those timeless tracks ever again. Let the dead bury the dead...if you already have a version of the Double Demo, you probably have no need of this final remaster. But if you don't have it, get yours for 6 € (including postage and shit). Cheap at twice the price.
In other neurotic news, making of the next album has already begun. More "eccentric", HC, counterculture and UG again(?) perhaps.
I will also be contributing my gleeful guest vocals to a New Worlder music project in the very near future, as well as partaking in the ongoing recordings of the scatomadness that sensitives call Umbra Nihil.
Yea...if some of you should feel interested, we still have a number of the Skepticism Tribute 2CD copies left. Pay us 10 € for yours (including shipping planetwide) so we can go get some candy and shit.
There's also an Aarni discussion forum in the planning, where retards can share their problems and mediumistic messages & instructions from dead uncles.

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