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Interview with Moss

Here is a one interview that I did with Moss few months ago. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Hello! Tell me first something about that new split release. How cooperation with band “Monarch” started? And why/how you choose a “Discharge’s” song to do a cover?
Olly: That split was originally with Thee Plague of Gentlemen, but they had some troubles you might have heard about, and split up. So we had to find another band to complete the split with.. We’d been friends with Monarch for a long time and they had a Turbonegro song they recorded a while back, so we'd go together on this split pretty good. We recorded a Discharge song because we like Discharge, not much more to it than that. We just took the basic notes of the riff and slowed it right down, makes perfect sense when you hear it!

Dom: Thee Plague of Gentlemen had already recorded a Uriah Heep cover, so it just made sense for us to do a cover rather than try and write something original that clocks in at less than ten minutes.

Who made the production of that cover song? Are you completely satisfied with it?

Dom: It was produced by Greg Chandler. I think he did a great job, for me its the first time I’ve bothered to layer two guitars, and as I use two independent amps anyway so there’s basically four guitars on there.

Olly: I’m happy with how it turned out, it was recorded and mixed within 3 hours so we did the best we could with it. We never spend too much time on recording, we’re normally pretty satisfied with what we’ve got in the first couple of takes.

“Rise Above Records” released this split only on vinyl. But, are there any plans to be released on CD too?

Olly: There are no plans or intentions to put the split out on cd. It's vinyl only for the maniacs. Maybe as a bonus track for a Japanese cd or something, but anyway...

What you think about vinyls and do you collect them?
Olly: I have a large collection of vinyl – it’s a very important format to the band, and releasing music really doesn’t get better than putting it out on wax. Tapes too, maybe tapes are more important than vinyl..

Dom: I do have a vinyl collection but to be honest I’m a tape freak, I just fukking love the hiss a tape creates and the dense warmth captured on them.

Also, do you plan more splits to put out in some near future?
Olly: Yeah, our next split should be a 7” with Disclose from Japan.. maybe out at the end of the year. It’s about 2 years in the making.

Two years passed since debut album “Cthonic Rites” was released. Are you satisfied with all reactions and critics, which you get ‘till now? Also, do you prefer to get good critics from the media or to please your fans with every new material?
Dom: The reaction from the critics was piss weak, I haven’t seen a bad review, just seems bizarre that something so extreme would be given such a positive write up. Feedback in general though has been great, I’ve been surprised that so many people from a non-metal background like our sound as well.

Olly: To be honest I haven’t seen too many bad words about ‘Cthonic Rites’, and it’s cool that people like it, but it doesn’t make any difference to us. You can love it or hate it, but we’d still be doing what we do. We don't aim to please.

And what about second album? Can we expect new full-length album from you soon?
Olly: Well, schedules permitting, which I really can't see being a problem although the members of the band are pretty spread out right now, there WILL be a new album recorded next year. It'll be released via Rise Above Records, and we're going to try to get Jus Oborn to produce again, depending on what he's up to.

How far do you think that you can go with Moss?
Olly: We always manage to take things further than we did with the last recording, and I say this with pretty much every interview that the next stuff will be heavier, more extreme, and I'm 100% certain it will be. It's hard to predict and look into the future with this band, but we've been going on a steady path of regression-cum-progression since our inception, and there's no reason for us to deviate from that path. We're just going to wallow in our filth for as long as we can fucking stand it

Dom: I’ve got a fukking ton of ideas I’d like to explore, but I recently moved to Canada which obviously makes rehearsals even more strained, and frankly I’d rather record the album here. We’ve got a long way to go in my opinion, growth and progression have always been key since the beginning.

Is “Moss” active when the live gigs are about? I’m very curious to know how looks something like that. What are the reactions of the fans usual; how many people you usually gather on one gig?
Olly: We usually play on average something like one gig a year.. which makes things more special for us and the shows we do bother to play. We simply wont play any gig people ask us to, as we feel it cheapens the live experience. Playing live for us is a ritual, and it has to be in the right conditions and circumstances or else we wont do it. Our gigs don't have much to look at other than three wasters playing very slowly and not moving much at all. Maybe there's some fog, we request no bright lights, and to keep the venue in near darkness. I would like to work on the visual aspect of our live shows more, more space/time fallout and occult blasphemies, but this will take time and money, something I'm currently lacking in.

Dom: Traditionally its just the other bands that night who’ll check us out, but sometimes you get some drunk who’s wondered into the wrong place. When we supported SunnO)) and the festivals we played in Europe we had decent turnouts, obviously.

Which are your favorite bands and what are your influences?

Dom: For Moss we are mostly influenced by horror, the occult, depression and misanthropy. We all have different tastes and not all of them are metal orientated. For me I wanted to get as far away from traditional song structure as I could, eliminate the verse chorus method and see what else I could do. The speed was a direct result of the sound I create, as playing fast with this set up just results in a boring din, but to slow it down created this warm distortion that would wash over me. I didn’t realise it at the time, but really I was creating atmosphere rather than song structures, and I let that dictate what was happening. To randomly name a few bands I’ve listened to a lot and still have a connection with I’d have to say Neurosis, The Gathering, Leonard Cohen and Carpathian Forest. I could go on for hours with that question ‘cause there’s just so many good bands around.

Olly: I like Roky Erickson, Saint Vitus, Discharge, Black Sabbath, a lot of crust punk/metal and true doom bands. None of these influence me in Moss though, but they inspire more. I read a lot of strange, strange books that I'd say have an influence, more of a grip if anything..

Your opinion and comment on classic music?
Dom: I was brought up in a family that appreciated classical music, St. Mathews passion (BWV 144) by Bach is a fantastic piece of music. I don’t listen to classical music extensively or anything, but its definitely an area I’m more drawn to then say hip hop and pop.

Do you like Jack Black’s “Tenacious D” and “Jesu”?
Olly: I am still a big Godflesh fan, and Jesu has always been to me a weak, watered down emo version of Godflesh. I'm not into them, and that whole Hydra Head Records/Isis scene they pointlessly tie themselves to makes me fuckin sick, hate it. Put on Neurosis instead.

Dom: Jack Black is in Jesu?

What is meaning of life for you?
Olly: To do your thing and get it done in the time you're given. If that means being the most selfish person you can be to achieve that, then by all means. Cliched "doom" answer would be to say that "life is meaningless", fuck that. I like living and I'm going to stick around for as long as possible.

Dom: I like to think that its something along the lines of helping your fellow man/woman, maybe its just an excuse for our spirits to come down and get fukked up in physical form for a change, I have no idea at this point in time.

What guy from Moss would you eat and why??
Dom: It would have to be myself, I have no idea what’s wrong with the other two and don’t particularly want food poisoning.

Olly: I don't think Dom eats well enough to taste particulary nice. Chris should be ok if slightly overcooked.

If a ghost from genie lamp appeared in front of you, and asks you to make three wishes, what would those wishes be?
Dom: That’s such a funny question, errm. I’d wish for people to have the courage of their convictions, for eternal wealth, and probably stop aging for a few years too.

Olly: I'd like to own an ancient library. Some kind of super power would be nice. And a harem of fine latin bitches. Or maybe I'd just ask for more wishes.

Thank you for an interview. Any last words?

Olly: Cheers!

Dom: Cheers for the interview, and watch out for the vinyl version of Cthonic Rites, coming this summer on Aurora Borealis. It'll be special.


Interview by Monarh (04.06.2007.)

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