Friday, February 8, 2008

:: :: LIBER XLIII AARNI vel Hypnerotomachia Coprophili :: ::

Pungenday, day 28 in the season of Chaos, 3174 Anno Mungi.

Hail Eris! Welcome to Liber XLIII Aarni, the forty-third edition of the official Aarni newsletter, bringing you some of the latest news on the band and their webshite, and in-depth gibbering from Aarni's most infamous metal god/retard Master Warjomaa! To resubscribe or to unsubscribe, and for more information on Liber Aarni, piss off to

:: ii  M.W.'S WORDS ::

Illuminating new year 3174!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Aarni, in its current form at least. Aarni itself has of course always existed and will exist, because it has arrived here from outside existence itself. This feels hard to express verbally and to comprehend...try to remember.
Anyway, I indeed initiated the current Aarni back in 1998 ev (as the less retarded among you possibly already surmised), but didn't bother with releasing any music until 2001 ev. Nostalgia ain't like it used to be...

Epidemie Records has recently sent an unicorn dolphin elder to us, which stated in no certain terms that the release date of Tohcoth has been set to the 12th of February 2008 ev, that is if everything goes according to the secret evil master plan. Finally cometh the anticlimax to everyone's long wait! If you want, I guess you can send preorders to us and/or Epidemie Records. Preferably to Aarni, because that way everyone for the price of the nevergreen musical recording, we think 13 eurobucks should suffice - including postage and shit planetwide. After all we don't need very much money anymore as all the Aarni members have reached the grade of Knight Of The Outer Void in Antimasonry and we have taken a vow of mental and physical poverty. Cheap at twice the price and in any case music stores (if they still exist) will probably charge you lots

Count Saint-German says that Nostradamus said that in the near future a couple of full Tohcoth tracks will be posted by us on MySpace and/or We don't want to change the future so we probably will. Yea, Aarni appears "officially" now on too. Those of you who can read and/or write can also join the Aarni discussion group there for some charming and balanced pleasantries. Doomintroll banters there every now and then, repressing nothing and oppressing everything.

It has likewise been written that curious factoids regarding Tohcoth shall be revealed on the Works page at the Aarni webshite. Nostradamus was King Kong but after another manner.  

In our wickedness we have also remastered (in a final way) the Aarni/Umbra Nihil split CDR, so it is available from us too...improved new sound and washes cleaner too, while two out of three housewives report their cats prefer it. Comes of course with the original very professional CD covers and the rest of the TP. All that can be yours for an outrageous 6 eurobucks! But wait, there's more: we still have a few copies left of the Skepticism tribute 2CD. For 10 eurocrowns (including shipping planetwide) you can help us be rid of them...they keep us awake at night by speaking of unclean things.

It has recently come to pass that I personally contributed a guitar solo to Umbra Nihil's (aka Urban Hill) Thergothon cover song. In the near future I shall probably offer better ones for UN's upcoming album. Meanwhile, we continue our work of inventing musical cures for nonexistent diseases and three future Aarni albums have already been we try to decide in what order we want to release them. OTO or IOT or...Disordo Templi Lemminkaenensis?

We will put out the next spam newsletter issue once Tohcoth actually gets released, just so you'll know.

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And that concludes the forty-third edition of Liber Aarni, Aarni's official E-newsletter. Pity on you for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for Liber XLIV Aarni sometime in the future. Again, for more information on the newsletter and to resubscribe/unsubscribe, crawl over to
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