Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Project info The Vault

I started this project in 2005 for experimenting the dark side of the electronic music. I'll try different avenues from Dark Ambient to Death Industrial, Power Electronic and Rythmic Noise. I'll also explore different aspects of the occult and human sickness.
The Vault symbolized how a person can withdrawal into oneself and the oppression of mental sickness. It also represent a solitary confinement, a hiding-place in our mind to hide ourself from the rest of the world.
I'm into metal music since 15 years now, so i want to experimente something else. I'm listening to industrial and noisy stuffs since a while but i never had the time or the guts to cross the line and do it myself...So now, there is my shit and I hope it will give you a good headache!

I will soon release my first CD-R on NOIR SERIES, an extreme subdivision of the Portuguese label VOID REKORDZ. It will be a limited edition in a DVD size box.

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